2016: 30 (dirty) K ERGO Challenge English



In this competition, you neither gain something nor you can win a medal.  All rowers, male or female from clubs or private persons are eligible and as administrator, we rely on the accuracy of the data supplied.


The participants should try to lay back as many meters on the ergometer in the time of 30 minutes.  There are six (6) Periods (Weekends) during winter 2016  and the four (4) best results are acounted for.  The results are added every month.

A – single starter:
Each individual participant can also participate in a team.

B – team event:
Eligible are teams of four (4) athletes that do not necessarily have to be from the same club.  You can start in one team only .  For participants at the individual and team competition, the distance of the single competition will be used for the team competition, unless requested otherwise.  Open to men, women or mixed teams which are divided by total (summ) age. Add a nickname to your Team and you are in.

Each period is calculated from Thursday 18:00 to Monday 18:00.

Period 1: 20 – 24/10/2016
Period 2: 24 – 28/11/2016
3: 15 – 19/12/2016
4: 26 – 30/01/2017
5: 23 – 27/02/2017
6: 23 – 27/03/2017


Trying to pass 30 000  (men) / 26 000 (women) or more meters on the C2 Erg and competing with rowing colleagues from Austria and the world.


To be included in the ranking list, we need birth year, body weight and a photo of the C2 monitor. Then submit the data by e-mail to challenge@ister.at.  If it is orginzied in you Club you can simply use internal lists (Club result list 30K or Team result list 30K). Trust is paramount. If there is an age jump during the competition, you are not ranked higher in the total standings. In the monthly ranking list you ar ranked accordance your Age.

The ranking of individual starters is done according with the Concept2 age classification.
• pupils: 14 years
• Junior Indoor 15 – 16 Years
• Junior Indoor: 17 – 18 years
• Seniors: 19 – 29 years
• Masters A 30 – 39 Years
• Masters B: 40 – 49 Years
• Masters C: 50 – 59 years
• Masters D: 60 – 69 years
• Masters E: 70 – 79 years
• Masters F: 80 – 89 years

The ranking of teams will be executed according to age classification (Team result list 30K):
• A: Teams up to 119 years
• B: Teams 120-159 years
• C: Teams 160-199 years
• D: Teams 200-239 years
• E: Teams 240-279 years

30K Challenge results online 2016-2017 and Results (as printbale PDF)